As a general rule, the discussion about payment is discussed separately from the consent and sharing form, but since there is no single template, you can customize your video sharing form to suit your wishes. One option that you can include in your consent form is a statement to list the agreed amount your talent will receive for your participation in your production, or on the contrary, if it lists that the talent understands that he is not receiving any payment for his participation. Adobe Premiere Pro: This software offers state-of-the-art video editing software. PRO TIP: If you don`t get explicit permission from your interview topic, you probably can`t use what you enter from them. This includes video, audio, as well as audio transcript of what they say. There are a few types of video streaming forms, and publications have other generic names that include: When creating your interview approval form and video broadcasting, including the time and expiry of your permissions, is essential. If you have not received instructions to set a certain duration of the consent form, you must always write that the validation form is valid indefinitely for current and future use. This means that, whatever situations may change in the future, you have the right to use the type of support associated with any time you want to use. I waive my right to approve or review any video or final edited product in which I present myself.

In addition, I waive any royalty or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the videos. I herely authorize rights over all claims, claims and means that I have, my representatives, heirs, directors, enforcers or other persons acting on behalf of my estate, or that I may have under that authorization. While all video form forms vary slightly in content and vocabulary, here are some important points to include in your video sharing and interview form. There is no single model, so research and include all clauses relating to your current and future project requirements. A video version model can be printed or downloaded as a PDF. It can help you create your own version and serve as a guide while adapting it to your business needs. Remember, the goal is to have a legally binding version of the video.