As with any animal, if you are responsible for a horse or pony, the Animal Protection Act applies. This standard contract for horse shares is for guidance purposes only and legal advice should be sought to ensure that any contract is legally binding. The prospect of horses for sale, rent or buy is exciting – but there are a number of important factors to consider when buying a horse. First, it can be used for planning. The structure of the agreement forces both parties to think about what is important to them (e.g. B how much care the horse or pony will receive). It is a good idea to include the fact that the horse remains the owner`s property during the loan, as this prevents ownership conflicts in the future. If the borrower does not respect the terms of the agreement, the owner can recover the horse before the end of the term. The BHS believes in providing the best information, support and advice to help riders and owners take care of their horses and ensure that every horse and rider is as safe as possible. Use the agreement to discuss what the agreement will be like before accepting the loan directly. By increasing the points that cover the agreement, you can assess whether the other party is someone you want to do business with and what their concerns may be. Ask for references and follow them up with visits and phone calls. Check the address you received for both the stables and the borrower`s house and, if possible, deliver the horse yourself.

Indicate where the horse is to be kept and whether the owner wishes to visit or ride the horse during the loan period. If the owner wishes to be consulted before the borrower takes the horse to another farm, this should be taken into account. Please note that while the guidelines are up to date at the time of publication, they can be replaced quickly after further government updates or changes in the situation. Please be patient with us as we make these changes. The Council deta. When buying a horse, it is always recommended to have a pre-purchase check carried out by your chosen veterinary practice. A basic or insurance check consists of two stages (in the barn and by hand), while a five-stage examination examines all aspects of the horse, including under the saddle. The BHS creates a free horse credit agreement. We do not think it covers all practical issues. The designer of the Net Lawman version has owned and horses for 40 years. It has taken into account many other options based on the practical experience of oneself and others.

The result is a document that better protects your interests. Our version is easy to complete and very extensive. For further advice on lending or leasing your horse, please contact the British Horse Society (Tel: 08701 202244). This Directive applies to personal data collected on sites owned or controlled by the British Horse Society, including,, and Another example is if the rental car requires the horse to be taken care of by a particular farrier/veterinarian if the horse has certain needs. If you lend your horse to strangers, do some research, or you are one of the unfortunate people who will never see their horse again. Take photos or videos of the horse before it is considered proof of its health and condition, or have the horse checked. Once you`ve laid the groundwork for riding during your classes at an equestrian center, you can start thinking about having your own horse. However, if you are considering buying or borrowing a horse, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that you can choose the most suitable horse partner and take sufficient care of him..

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