19. detsember 2020 @ 11:00 – 13:00

Dear Sangha and Friends;

We started a monthly Tibetan Language class on Zoom (You are welcome to join us in Väluste in person if you are in Estonia).
Here is an outline of the class:
31st October – Tibetan Alphabets and Vowels – Pronunciation & Partially Writing exercises.
21st November – Continue with pronouncing and writing exercises & combining consonants with vowels.
19th December – Review of previous lessons & The Letter Ba བ and its function in the Tibetan language.
2021 dates will be announced in December.
Here I have attached the video recording of the FIRST class, if you haven’t been to the first class, make sure to watch this before you come to the second class.
Info about the next Zoom class:
Time: Nov 21, 2020 11:00 AM Helsinki
Meeting ID: 835 2100 5016
Passcode: 092014
This project is mainly to help those who are learning Tibetan Buddhism and Medicine, and anyone who is interested in the Tibetan Language.
This project has no required fee, we are grateful for any amount of donations 
Many greetings

Eesti Tiibeti Traditsioonilise Meditsiini Akadeemia