14. jaanuar 2022 @ 22:00 – 19. aprill 2022 @ 23:00

 TTM four-year program access to English speaking participants

We started the TTM four-year program with Root Tantra in November 2021, all the lectures are video-recorded and taught both in English and in the Estonian language. If you wish to participate in the four-year program, you must complete the recorded lectures and homework of TTM 1.1 (Root Tantra) by Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann. We will organize a Root Tantra Q&A session if it is needed.

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Root Tantra class opens the door into the vast, profound world of Sowa Rigpa, the Traditional Tibetan Medicine. It introduces a portray of human life in context with the interconnected world of all existence, thereby developing a basic understanding of balance and imbalance in body, mind and energy. It is the first part of TTM (Tibetan Traditional Medicine) four-year study program. This course suits also those who are interested in having an overview of TTM and Tibetan external therapies.

Course price: 250 EUR
Course duration: 5 days
The course block consists of the following content:

Introduction into Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan terminology, Tantric system, five elements and tendrel, three nyes pa, basic principles of health and disease, principles of diagnosis (including basic pulse reading, tongue and urine analysis and symptoms of disease), basic treatment with food and lifestyle, principles of herbal remedies, overview of external therapies for rlung, mkhrispa and badkan.