The Transfer Agreements and Opportunities database contains transfer agreements and opportunities for George Brown College students and graduates. It is used for information purposes and can be modified at any time. You can also visit and websites of the various educational institutions that interest you for information on qualifications, admission and application. George Brown College is a leader in second language Programming (ESL) with more than 35 years of experience. We also have articulation agreements with different language schools in Toronto and across Canada, including: Program to Program: There are a number of George Brown programs with articulation agreements or paths to other George Brown programs. Visit the “Careers and Educational Opportunities” section for the program to which you are transferred and from which you are transferred for bulk transfer opportunities. On November 17, 2019, the Pathway College program and formal agreements with Humber, Sheridan, Niagara, George Brown and Mohawk were suspended. If you submit an evaluation report, send a pdf copy by email to We appreciate your experience of the past. We have transfer contracts with colleges and universities across Canada and internationally to help you get the right training to achieve your career goals.

Topics to option: LASelectives@georgebrown.caCollege English/Communications: If you have submitted a transcript and it is not available on your application, please contact Include your student ID number and the name of your previous institution. Students who are currently part of the General Arts and Science (GAS) program at these colleges and who are considering applying to U of T Mississauga for the fall of 2020 or 2021 will continue to be considered eligible for transfer credits under formal agreements (they receive 5.0 transfer credits, as indicated in the latest equivalency tables). For policies and procedures, send an email address or call our contact centre at 416-415-2000. If your application for a course combination exists in our course-to-course equivalency database, please contact A possibility of bulk transfer that does not have a formal articulation agreement. An example of a way with George Brown would be: after the last day of registration, we will apply the transfer credit to your account if approved. If you would like to stay in the course, please send an email to let us know.

Please enter your other student id number work on transfer agreements and opportunity database for articulation agreements signed by George Brown College. A articulation agreement is a formal agreement between institutions that allows the transfer of credits from a given program to an institution with an advanced reputation or entry into another institution. These are ways that students can take to move between different programs, institutions and registration information, i.e. the first year of a business program at one university can apply to the first year of a similar business program in another institution.