But Buyer Y tries to send PO for approval with the same authorization list that receives the email notification with “No authorized has been found for standard purchase.” A licensed pô requires a new authorization in the approver1 notification list as “No permission has been found for the standard command.” Po was opened by the buyer after approval1. It was resubmitted and re-transmitted to approver1. Approver1 can only find the ok button and can`t find the Advance and Allow button. If approver1 press ok I don`t think it went to approver2 in the history of the action in. What is in your licensing groups and assignments? And make sure, in your licensing hierarchy, to pass the document (PO) on to the right person in that hierarchy. A instance has noticed this when the total amount of the order exceeds the limit that the authorized must approve/document and which it is supposed to approve. On the other hand, u could choose the right hierarchy, but the wrong person, and the PO hangs on until it is passed on to the right person. I found the documents at the K-ufer.es is related to the revision number; it was not sent properly. the buyer reopened the documents and sent them back.

Buyer X is the first person on the authorization list. If this user is sent for approval, everything is fine. We use the position hierarchy for order approval> please check the summary, (M) tools > workflowstatus to verify your workflow document error. Check the financial options – the Personal tab remove the box (use permission hierarchies) As we activate BUYER Y, CAB deposit ins for approval Valuable content and greatly appreciate your efforts to share it.