Allow them to be flexible. Software development also works under Agile. The work is done in iterations or phases that involve testing and checking to see what works and what doesn`t. Unlike a building or manufactured product, software can be easily modified even after the final product has been completed. And why do we constantly change between these different notions – the specifications, the volume of work and soW? To create a complete description of the project, you need to ask the right questions from the beginning. Consider the problem from the customer`s perspective. How does the project address their problem? What is it worth to them? What do they get in exchange for spending their money? Is what you offer unique? Involving the client in a solid discussion before writing a SOW is essential to embarking on the path to success. Contractors or employees outside your organization use SOW to direct their work during a particular project. An effective SOW includes, among other things, work details, schedules, conditions and expected results, so that it is essential that it is executed correctly and that nothing is missing. A SOW can be used for a large number of projects, from a simple visual design created by a graphic designer for a client to a large-scale government construction contract. In this article, you`ll learn how to tackle common challenges and create a solid SoW for each industry.