113 A collective agreement that applies to a collective agreement unit – with a bargaining unit that is not defined under section 238.14 – cannot amend or remove, directly or indirectly, an existing employment clause or condition, nor establish a new employment clause or condition of employment if 58 (1) when, prior to the effective date of Section 105 of the new Act , a collective communication has been issued for a bargaining unit under the previous law where the dispute resolution procedure is simple and no collective agreement has been reached until a collective agreement is reached, paragraphs (a) (c) apply to the employer, the bargaining union of collective agreements and any employee of the collective agreement unit until a collective agreement is reached. (b) the assumption that the employer and the bargaining partner have entered into an essential service agreement. (b) during the two-month period immediately preceding the end of each year in which the agreement or service or notification remains in effect after the second year of its mandate; 58 At the request of the employer or the workers` organization concerned, the Board of Directors must determine any questions that arise as to the registration of an employee or group of workers in a bargaining unit defined by the Board of Directors as an entity suitable for collective bargaining or whether it is included in another unit. 3. Parties opting for collective bargaining under subsection 1) must, subject to and for the purposes of this party and Division 1 of Part 2.1, be immediately binding on 114 collective agreements for the employer, negotiator and each worker in the bargaining unit on the date and date on which it takes effect. To the extent that the collective agreement deals with matters within the meaning of Section 12 of the Financial Management Act, the collective agreement is also mandatory on that date for any deputy director responsible for any part of the state administration that employs workers in the collective agreement unit. 102 If a collective agreement or arbitration award is extinguished because of the revocation of the certification of a worker`s organization as a bargaining partner of a bargaining unit, the board of directors, on request or on behalf of a worker in the bargaining unit, is required to preside, by order, of how a worker`s right must be recognized and validly recognized.