This agreement can be used if the conditions of occupation of the worker must be separated from the employment contract (which can be done for administrative reasons) or if the existing employment contract does not contain provisions relating to the occupation of the duties. You can also use our EMP model. MAN.01 Manager Employment Contract with accommodation that contains the employee`s accommodation conditions. If you have a job, the occupier`s right to occupation ends when the employment ends. If you make a home available to an employee, the legal regulation is either a service occupancy or a rental contract. The difference is very important for both parties. What matters is the very core of the chord, not just its title or the words you use. However, a carefully formulated agreement, which is respected in practice, is fairly sure to create the desired regime. If we go back to our example as a teacher, he or she could live in rental housing near the school, but if the school reasonably believes that he or she can work better by being installed in the accommodation they provide, the teacher will be a duty occupant. The ideal agreement with employees is to grant a duly drawn up service occupancy contract (SOA), which is not a “rental contract”. A lease agreement creates a lease and lease relationship between the club and the employee, but the SOA is a temporary authorization or license to occupy the property as long as the employee is employed in the club. A rental contract would give the tenant the right to own the property exclusively for a fixed period of time, but under the occupation of SOA by an employee, it cannot be “exclusive” because it is perceived as shared with the employer, although today SOAs are granted with respect to property that employers do not occupy themselves.

In this case, the landlord employer should use a secure short-term lease, of which a number of Net Lawman is available. These regulations will best protect the interests of the owner. It is important to treat the relationship with the employer as with any other landlord-tenant relationship, the agreement with the same care and the same detail as for any other tenant. Service occupancy contracts can be confused with service leases. In the context of service leases, the employee`s employment in the employer`s assets is not as closely linked to his employment. The lease does not automatically end when the employment ceases and the employer should therefore follow the correct procedures for recovering ownership of the property, depending on the type of rental (. B for example, a short-term tenant or a secure lease). Members of the armed forces and agricultural workers are often occupiers, but the rules may be different from those that have been exposed here. For both tests, the occupant may still be a duty occupant if his occupation and employment do not start on the same day.

This will be the case if employment is the reason or reason for the employer`s employment of assets. [7] In addition, for both tests, an occupant may enter and exit a service occupation if his or her conditions of employment change. The status of occupier is not permanently fixed. [8] The first page of this document is not part of the agreement and contains a removal clause that must be included in the employment contract, according to which the worker must reside on site so that the worker can perform his duties according to the terms of his employment.