I always watch your videos with great interest. hello youngest i m pleasure to meet you. “has seen your wepsite on youtube exquisite its wonderful very useful ending on easy English learning.m student at univercity in Turkey and I am trying to learn English with engvid and type of these pages. Please help me on the. Please PUT new video on your exquisite English and could you offer me something about speaking English thanks for this bye lesson. Thank you, Professor Benjamin. Your videos really help me improve my English studies. Sir this video can not be played, it shows the msg who refused the connection, so please, solve the problem. Could you write and talk about a video of the use of “due” in English? I see that word a lot when I`m read for my work. Our videos are all on Youtube that I think is still blocked in Pakistan? Try using the Tor browser (and here`s how to activate YouTube).

I`m sorry, but our videos are only available on Youtube! Advertising revenue helps us 🙂 You`re awesome…. Thanks for this abominable video Hello, I love this page. I want to buy all the video lessons because I don`t have an internet connection all the time to watch videos. Please let me know. My email address: drhindi2002@gmail.com Thanks, I`m glad you enjoyed the people of this video. I finally figured out how to leave comments here! Thank you for your support and good luck with your studies. Although I didn`t understand all the British accent video, I have all the ideas. Thanks, I have 10/10 😀 thankx youngest for your lessons .frankly, it helps me improve my skils in English. I do not agree with this point for two reasons: first, you encourage people to live dishonestly; Second, some people, at least as far as I am concerned, take that money to buy 10/10 drugs.

In any case, this is a good point, we should help them! Our little helper can improve his life. Well, I don`t agree, I think if you`re poor at 35, you deserve it! Good lesson to Benjamin, let me talk more about it, we should or should not give money to the homeless, only personally, I think if you beg them, give them money give them a little for the first time, but we all know that this is not a better way to tackle the problem forever. And it`s a societal problem, so that responsibilities also belong to the government and they have to find a solution to get through them This guy was amazing, I love your way of keeping English Benjamin! I think it`s a great lesson.