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Any personal information you provide through these social media applications may be collected and used by other members of that social media application, and such interactions are subject to the privacy policies of the companies that provide the application. We have no control or responsibility for these companies or their use of your data. We use third-party social media widgets or buttons to provide you with additional features to share the content of our web pages on social media websites and via email. The use of these widgets or buttons may place a cookie on your device to make their service more user-friendly, to ensure that your interaction is displayed on our websites (e.B. the social Share Count Cache is updated) and records information about your activities on the Internet and on our websites. We recommend that you check the privacy information of each provider before using such a service. For more information about our use of social media widgets and apps, please see below. About KPMG Lawyers: Kpmg Lawyers was founded in 2019 and is a member of the KPMG International network. With more than 500 professionals, including 250 lawyers, the firm is already established on 21 sites in Paris and France. The teams support large French and international companies, medium-sized companies and family groups, as well as SMEs and start-ups from all sectors.

KPMG Rechtsanwälte specialises in all areas of taxation – driving, national and international taxation, transfer pricing, international mobility, indirect taxes (VAT, customs, energy taxation, etc.) – as well as business law, European law, competition and distribution law, real estate law and labour law. Until 2002, the legal and tax teams of Fidal and KPMG France worked together until the two companies decided to no longer be affiliated and became completely independent of each other. However, Fidal remained connected to KPMG International through a cooperation agreement signed on 1 July 2019 with the formation of KPMG Avocats, a member firm of the KPMG network. About Fidal: Fidal is the largest independent law firm in France. As strategic partners of companies, institutions and organizations, we strive to use the law as a driving force to increase their performance and growth in France and internationally. As experts in their field with a transversal approach, our talents speak the same language as our clients and understand their problems. We promote the exchange of knowledge and experience. In some cases where you have registered for certain services, we will temporarily retain your email address until we receive confirmation of the information you have provided by email (i.e. when we send an email to the email address provided as part of your registration to confirm a subscription request). .

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