Sorig Congress in Pozhan is postponed for one year because of Corona virus pandemics.

Dr. Machik teaching is postponed also from July for future because of Corona virus pandemics.

Be safe!


WHERE: Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, Viiratsi, 70104 Viljandi county, Estonia
CONTACT: Olev Poolamets (+372 56622588); Madis Seinberg (+372 56909186); Drukmo Gyal (+37258981822)


1. Tibetan Gynecology

Gynecology is a special part of Tibetan Medicine. It also contains a large area of pediatrics and maternity subjects,
the general causes of gynecological diseases are related to bad blood circulation in the uterus and to organs that produce irregular menstruation, infertility, hormonal imbalance, psychology and improper sexual relationship etc. cause, condition, treatment of 42 kinds of gynecological diseases categorized in three types will be introduced in 5 days by Dr.Machik from Amdo Tibet.

Early Bird Fee: 250 Euros ( Register&pay before 1th June.)
Regular Fee: 300 Euros (Register&pay after 1th June.)

2.Treatment of General Hot Disorder & Clarification on Differential Diagnosis of Hot and Cold Disorder

Many TTM practitioners are facing the confusion of differentiating hot and cold natured disorders, Dr.Machik emphasized on having a thorough understanding of the General Hot Disorder before jumping into the clarification on differential diagnosis of hot and cold disorders, therefore first 4.5 days will be dedicated to the treatment of general hot disorders, Dr.Machik will explain through Drukmo Gyal’s translation in classic teaching style of “word by word transmission”, the rest 3.5 days will be focused on how to differ hot and cold natured disorders.

Early Bird Fee: 400 Euros ( Register&pay before 1th June.)
Regular Fee: 480 Euros (Register&pay after 1th June.)

3. Tibetan Materia Medica – Functions of Compound Formulas

Tibetans have enjoyed thousands of years of experience with their rich herbs and minerals. The ancient ‘medicine man‘ and the later physicians discovered a great number of herbs and minerals and the way to use them for healing. In this high and blessed land, famous for its legends and mystic cures, Tibetan plants possess strong tastes and high potencies that are naturally powerful against diseases. Spiritual healing and love and compassion of the Buddhist and medical ritual practices, are also believed to cure the body, mind and speech disequilibrium at more subtle levels. Dr.Machik will guide us through the functions and how to use Tibetan Materia Medica, it is helpful to understand what patients have eaten before coming to us as TTM practitioners.

Early Bird Fee: 250 Euros ( Register&pay before 1th June.)
Regular Fee: 300 Euros (Register&pay after 1th June.)

Sleeping will be arranged inside or nearby Väluste school:
Single Bed in shared rooms with clean sheets and warm quilts prepared: 5€/night (we have limited beds, whoever pays firsts, gets the bed first.)
Sleeping in the Big hall with one’s own sleeping bag: 3€/night.
Sleeping in One’s own Tent in the Yard: Free
If Väluste is not your option, we can help to arrange hotel in nearby Town (20kms) away.

Simple Food and drinks:
For 5 days, 3 meals/day: 50euros
For 8 days, 3meals/day: 80euros
For 18 days, 3 meals/day: 180euros

Olev Poolamets (+372 56622588)
Madis Seinberg (+372 56909186)
Drukmo Gyal (+37258981822)

Location: Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste school,