TTM 2.1 Diagnosis 

All of the main Asian systems of traditional medicine are renowned for their special analytical sciences. Pulse specifically is quite well known. In Tibetan medicine, there is not only the probably most complex pulse reading system in a healing science, but also a uniquely developed system of urine analysis. This course goes into detail in the study of analysis, pulse, and urine from the Explanatory and Final Tantras. Other aspects of analysis, such as observation of eyes and other sense organs, are included from one of the most clinically used texts, the Somaradza.

The course block consists of three modules with the following content:
TTM 2.1.1 Basic Diagnostics (1.5 days)
     •   Principles of diagnosis
     •   Triage
     •   Inspection of the body and related aspects
     •   Inspection of sense organs

TTM 2.1.2 Base of Urine Analysis (1.5 days)
     •   Preliminaries
     •   Urine characteristics
     •   Urine analysis
     •   Types of urine

TTM 2.1.3 Base of Pulse Reading (2 days)
     •   Preliminaries
     •   Pulse characteristics
     •   Pulse reading
     •   Types of pulse

WHEN: 3. 01.2018 @ 10:00 – 7. 01.2018 @ 18:00
WHERE: Sorig Khang Estonia, TTM Väluste school, Väluste, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia


The cost of the 5 day course is 230€ – you can register for it until the 1th of november 2017. If you choose to register after the 1th of september, the price will be 275€.

The price of housing and catering: Housing – 8€ per night, have to bring your own sleeping clothes. Catering – 8€ per day (3 meals in one day).



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