tibetan-medicine-anatomy2-110128-02TTM 1.2 Body Formation, Base of Pathology

Dr Alexandr Arbuzov

This class begins the study of the Explanatory Tantra, which covers all aspects of medical theory and practice. The Tibetan medical educational structure resembles modern science in that it introduces the medical science with anatomy and physiology to continue with basic pathophysiology, pharmacology, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic principles. By introducing a complex energetic system explaining the connection with mind and nature, it renders TTM not only scientific but at the same time holistic.

The course block consists of two modules with the following content:

TTM 1.2.1 Body Formation

Embryology according to medical and energy systems
Anatomy of the body including tissues and energy structures
Physiology and typology according to the three nyes pa
Physical and energetic death processes
TTM 1.2.2 Base of Pathology

Causes and conditions of disorders
Pathological mechanism
Symptomatic characteristics
Different pathological classification systems in Tibetan Medicine

WHEN: 25. november 2016 @ 10:00 – 30. november 2016 @ 18:00
WHERE: Sorig Khang Estonia TTM Väluste school, Väluste, 69704 Viljandi, Estonia
COST: 300€ / 250€ if you complete payment before the 1st October, 2016
CONTACT: Viivi Käärma, +372 55 40 694, attmestonia@gmail.com



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