WHEN: 9. veebruar 2019 @ 10:00 – 10. veebruar 2019 @ 18:30
WHERE: Vabriku 41, Tallinn, Estonia
COST: 80€ (70€ for SK Estonian members)
CONTACT: Monica (

Tibetan Mantra Healing (TMH) is a powerful form of healing which utilizes the energy of pure vibration – Sound – to heal subtle energetic disturbance. In this way, we can treat the root cause of disorders and diseases, instead of simply treating the symptoms.

The mantras described here arise out of the ancient Tibetan medical and spiritual traditions. It is based upon the philosophy of Interdependent Origination of all Phenomena.

They are simple to use, profoundly effective, and are immediately accessible to everybody – regardless of age, gender, ethnic or spiritual background.

TMH can be used as a treatment on its own, or in conjunction with other treatment modalities. It is reputed to have profound effects in the treatment of chronic disease.
There are literally hundreds of different Mantras for Healing. Some mantras are for specific problems, such as:

• Diarrhoea
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Viruses
• Influenza
• Infection
• Pimples
• Broken Bones
• Childbirth
• Bleeding from an open wound, etc

There are also Mantras to cover more generalised conditions, for example:
• Disorders of the Solid Organs such as the Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys;
• Disorders of the Hollow Organs such as the Gall Bladder, Stomach or Colon;
• Disorders of the Senses such as Sight, Hearing;
• or to alleviate Pain.

There are Mantras to re-balance the 3 Humours (Wind, Bile and Phlegm). In Tibetan Medicine, the 3 Humours are considered to be the 3 vital energies in the body; disease manifests when the 3 Humours become imbalanced.
There are also Mantras for “One Hundred Diseases”. Tibetan Medicine speaks of all diseases as being variations of different basic energy disturbances. These Mantras have the ability to heal any sort of problem; they are very effective for illnesses which are complex, or where the cause of the illness may be unknown

Tibetan Mantra Healing Level 1 program:
– Origins of TMH, the function of Mantras
– use of Mantras to cure specific disorders
– instructions on how to use a mala
– transmission of over 90 important healing mantras.

NB! Students will need to bring their own mala (prayer beads). There are limited number of malas one can buy from the course.

Dates: 9th–10th February, 2019
Fees: 80 euros (70 euros for SK Estonian members), Bankaccount name: MTÜ Eesti Tiibeti Traditsioonilise Meditsiini Akadeemia, Account nr:  EE601010220215443222, AS SEB Pank, Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn, Estonia, SWIFT Code (BIC): EEUHEE2X
Contact and registration: Monica (
Location: Vabriku 41, 10411 Tallinn, Estonia

10:00–13:00 – work shop
13-00–14.30 – lunch break
14:30–18:30 – work shop

Drukmo Gyal Dakini, Sorig Khang International Teacher, Tibetan Mantra Singer, Tibetan Medical Translator.

Drukmo Gyal Dakini (འབྲུག་མོ་རྒྱལ ) was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into a Tibetan yogi (Tib. སྔགས་པ Ngakpa) family where mantra and meditation were introduced at a young age. With support from the local Tibetan yogic community and family, she practiced mantras with traditional old melodies and sang publicly from 2008. She moved to Europe in early 2014 in order to work with Sorig Khang International – one of the biggest organization and academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine in the west, which was found by Dr.Nida Chenagtsang, during her stay in the west, she produced 5 albums of Tibetan Healing mantras and chants with musicians from all over the world, she travelled to more than 20 countries to share concerts, public talks, workshops and courses on Healing mantras, yoga, meditation as well as External Therapies according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine. one of the focuses of all her activities is helping females to find equality, helping mothers&children to view each other with divinity and compassion through Tibetan Spiritual healing and Buddhist practices.

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WHEN: 4. mai 2019 @ 09:00 – 13. mai 2019 @ 18:00
WHERE: Sorig Khang Estonia – Väluste kool, Väluste, Viljandimaa
COST: 500€ for 10 days (Both Urine and Pulse Reading); 270€ for 5 days (One of the subjects)
CONTACT: Olev Poolamets (+372 56622588); Madis Seinberg (+372 56909186)

Course Intent:
Dr.Machik will use 10 intensive days to share with us his 30+ year experiences on urine and pulse analysis, he will go through the core content in FOUR TANTRAS as well as all the precious notes he collected from his teachers and his own experiences.
This course was requested by Dr.Nida Chenatsang, wishing all the Sorig Khang Teachers and Students could get further development in diagnosis studies.

Tibetan medicine urine analysis is divided into eight sections; the physician examines the colour, vapour, odour, bubbles, sediments and albumin of the urine. The colour of the urine is determined by the intake of food and drink, seasons and diseases.
In Tibetan medicine pulse reading is divided into thirteen sections. For the Tibetan physician the art of pulse reading provides an invaluable source of information because the pulse is like a messenger between the doctor and the patient. To read the pulse it is very important for the patient to be as rested as possible. The physician places the index, middle and third fingers on the radial arteries. The space between each of the three fingers is the width of a grain of rice, and the fingers are placed half an inch from the crease of the wrist. The physician uses both hands to examine the pulse; the left wrist of a male patient is read first, whilst for the female patient it is the right wrist which is read first.

Picture is taken at the clinic of Dr Machic

Picture is taken at the clinic of Dr Machic

Who is Dr.Machik?
Dr. Machik is a senior doctor and professor in Amdo, Northeastern Tibet. He began studying Traditional Tibetan Medicine in 1983 with Dr. Jigme, then went to the Medical University in Lhasa from 1989. After completing the 5 years training in the Tibetan medical collage, Dr. Machik returned to Amdo to work as a doctor in Malho hospital, where he has practiced and taught for over 30 years. His medical lineage is based on the Chagpori medical school, incorporating both of the historical Zur and Jang traditions, yet focusing on the former. Clinically, his specialty is in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritic conditions.


Course Fee:
500€ for 10 days (Both Urine and Pulse Reading)
270€ for 5 days (One of the subjects)

Sleeping will be arranged inside or nearby Väluste school:
Single Bed in shared rooms with clean sheets and warm quilts prepared: 3€/night (we have limited beds, whoever pays firsts, gets the bed first.)
Sleeping in the Big hall with one’s own sleeping bag: 2€/night.
Sleeping in One’s own Tent in the Yard: Free
If Väluste is not your option, we can help to arrange hotel in nearby Town (20kms) away.

Food and drinks:
For 5 days, 3 meals/day: 50euros
For 10 days, 3meals/day: 100euros

Olev Poolamets (+372 56622588)
Madis Seinberg (+372 56909186),

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